Welcome To The Redbud Trail

The Redbud Trail is a hike/bike path that runs along the abandoned Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail railway corridor. From the west the trail begins at I-135 / Canal Route near Downtown Wichita, passes city parks, employment hubs, and the Wichita State University campus. It continues 11 miles to the Butler County Line, where Andover Augusta Rail Trail Initiative (AARTI) begins to manage it. Going through Andover the path crosses Hwy 400/54 by Santa Fe Road and heads east into Augusta, where it will meet up with the Augusta bike path. In all the Redbud Trail stretches 21 miles from Wichita to Augusta.

The Butler County portion of the trail begins at Butler County Line / 159th, where the City of Andover will pave a 10’ wide sidewalk to 13th Street. From 13th Street to Meadowlark the City of Andover will have crushed limestone. From Meadowlark, going east, AARTI will continue the trail with crushed limestone to Augusta.

Parking and Trail Access

You can access the bike path in downtown Andover at Main Street, Andover Road or 13th Street Sports Park and from the eastern terminus at the Augusta Hike Bike Path, by the Augusta Depot.

• States: Kansas
• Counties: Butler
• Length: 10 miles
• Trail end points: 159th Street (between 13th & 21st) to Augusta Depot
• Trail surfaces: Rock, Concrete

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