Please review the information below to understand the responsibilities and benefits of becoming a sponsor for the redbud trail.

Once you have reviewed this information please fill out the form if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. It will take up to a week for us to process the information and reach out.

What does the sponsorship package include?
  • Business/Sponsor Name published on Andover Chamber of Commerce Calendar as Redbud Trail Sponsor
  • Business/Sponsor Name published in Andover Chamber of Commerce member Newsletter as featured Redbud Trail Sponsor
  • Two Redbud Trail Sponsor Flags to fly in business frontage for a period of time as agreed to by AARTI and Sponsor
  • Business/Sponsor Name and Logo published on AARTI Facebook page
  • Business/Sponsor Name and Logo published on AARTI Website
  • Business/Sponsor Name recognized on City of Andover Calendar of Events as Redbud Trail Sponsor
  • Business/Sponsor Name recognized at Andover City Council Mtg on Agenda and Verbal Recognition Statement, Thank you for supporting the Redbud Trail, by the Mayor
  • Business/Sponsor Name published on COA Events Calendar on COA website
What opportunities are included in being a sponsor?
  • Fly Redbud Trail Sponsor Flags Proudly and Respectfully
  • Organize and Provide 10 Volunteers made up of business/sponsor team members, including employees, family, friends, or community members to serve together on a Trail Maintenance Date of Business/Sponsor for that month’s choosing
  • 10 Volunteers spend a minimum of 2 hours together performing routine Redbud Trail Maintenance tasks such as trimming back tree or shrub branches, pulling weeds, piling branches and sticks for future chipping, painting posts, bollards or benches, repairing signage as needed, repairing vandalism as needed, picking up trash as needed, spreading mulch.  Tasks can be realized by the community or AARTI and will be communicated to the Business/Sponsor prior to designated Volunteer Day
  • Business/Sponsor cleans up after themselves and their volunteers leaving trail conditions better than they found it, free of trash, debris and tools
  • Have flags available for easy pick up to return to AARTI

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