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No matter how you roll, the Redbud Trail is perfect for enjoying the great big, beautiful outdoors!

The Andover section of the Redbud is a 6-mile rails-to-trail conversion that runs from 159th St. East, (1 mile west of Andover), and dead ends at Highway 54/400, (4 miles east of Andover). The multi-use trail is a mix of concrete and packed limestone surfaces, suitable for walking, running, family strolls, dog walking and just about any style bicycle.

AARTI worked with the City of Andover to help bring the trail to life, some 10 years in the making.

We’re not done! Plans are in place to extend the trail 4 miles, across Highway 54/400, on to Augusta. It’s going to be great!

Discover the Trail

There are several AART entry points, some with vehicle parking. In instances where there is no parking, please keep your vehicle off the roadway and private property.

Trail Use Guidelines

Be Kind, Courteous & Safe – The trail can be busy, especially weekends. Always yield to pedestrians. Mother Nature, fitness partners and music can be distracting, so pay attention. A head nod and smile go a long way!

Keep to the Right – As on any roadway, keep to the right except when passing.

“On your left!” – Announce your presence when passing. It’s hard not to scare people when you come up on them from behind. Give plenty of advance notice to help avoid collisions. 

AART is NOT an All-Weather Trail – The unpaved portions of the trail are not meant to be used when wet as it causes damage that is hard to repair. As a rule, if you can see your foot or tire print, stay off the trail.

Wild & Domestic Life – Please pick up after your domesticated animals. There are sections of the trail open to wildlife, so keep your eyes open and don’t attempt to interact. Sections of the trail about private property. Stay on the trail.

Your time, your money…Or both!

AARTI is an advocate, developer, and caretaker of trails. (Lots and lots of caretaking!)

Time and money are the currencies of AARTI. As an all-volunteer organization, not a cent goes to administrative compensation. AARTI is what it is today thanks to hundreds of individual donations and volunteer hours in addition to local, state, and federal grants.

Small child holding his bike

Let’s Connect!

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