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Donating to this cause will help with the expansion of the Redbud Trail and continued trail maintenance. All trail maintenance is done by volunteers and with your donation, they will be provided with the resources they need to continue trail preservation.

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By donating today your donations will go right back into making the Redbud Trail a pleasant place to visit whether it is replacing signage, repairing vandalism, providing tools necessary to keep up trail maintenance, or contributing to trail expansion.

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Below we provide alternative options that allow you to donate to the Redbud Trail. You have the opportunity to contribute to our organization through AmazonSmile and Dillons Community Rewards

Find us today! Search for Andover Augusta Rail Trail Initiative, Inc

We accept mail-in donations. Address to:

Andover Augusta Rail Trail Initiative, Inc.

P.O. Box 692

Andover, Kansas 67002

United States