Trail etiquette can be very simple as long as individuals be kind and courteous. Take some time to review our trail rules to the right. Below we also have key tips on how to share the road.

Sharing The Road

“On the Left”

When using the Redbud Trail you need to speak up! Using the term On The Left signals other trail users you are approaching. This is a very important tool to help avoid collisions with other trail users.

Weather or Not

The Redbud Trail is not an all-weather trail, meaning that when the trail is wet and trail activity continues it causes damage to the quality of the trail. We recommend avoiding the trail when wet or stick to the sides.

Keep to the right

Trail flow is similar to the rules of the road. When using the trail slower traffic keeps to the right, allowing faster-moving traffic to past on the left. This causes the trail flow to remain unclogged and limits accidents.


Be aware that since a section of the Redbud Trail is outside city limits there is wildlife that inhabits that area. Be cautious of your surroundings so as to not disrupt their environment. Do not feed, touch, interact, harass, or harm the wildlife.

Speak Up

It’s okay, it’s polite! Make sure to use your voice and speak up when passing on the trail. It is better to be loud than to startle.


On the trail, individuals need to yield to others to avoid accidents. Faster traffic must yield to slower traffic.


When on the Redbud Trail it is a personal responsibility to stay alert and to look over your shoulder frequently. It is a good idea when using headphones to use a low volume in one ear.

Trail Tips

Be Courteous

Respect others on the trail to create a positive environment.

Follow Trail Flow

A reminder that trails operate similar to roads. Stick to the right!

Watch the Weather

The Redbud Trail is NOT an all weather trail. Avoid the trail when wet.

Respect the Environment

Part of the trail is outside city limits. Please respect the wildlife!